Monitorama 2022 — What an amazing experience!

A still from a stop-motion video of some toy trains based on the book “The Little Engine That Could”
Sophia’s homemade stop motion video was a particular highlight, explaining the approach she had taken with her team in a fun to understand way
A screen shot of the “tech tree” approach taken by to assist organisations in reaching their desired level of reliability maturity
The Tech Tree
A photograph of a slide from Fred Moyers talk at Monitorama, in which he separated out the various components of an SLI, and SLO, and an error budget by colour, making them a lot easier to understand.
The colour coding and clear separation of Fred Moyer’s slides were the envy of many!
A photograph of a slide from a presentation — the slide is split into “build” on one side and “buy” on the other. The content on both sides is the same.
Build vs Buy? It depends…
A table in a hotel room covered in socks, stickers, food, and books collected from various vendors throughout the conference
Socks, T-Shirts, Stickers, Coffee, Tea, and even flavoured salts for cooking — I’ve no idea how I’ll get it all in my carry-on!



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Matthew Macdonald Wallace

Matthew Macdonald Wallace

DevOps, SRE, and IoT consultant specialising in monitoring and observability